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GET INVOLVED in Your County, Your City and Your F210 Neighborhood . . .
Sarasota County ZONING
around your F210 Neighborhood...
READ them, get involoved immediately.
See Something = SAY Something . . .
By the time any Yellow "PROPOSED ZONING CHANGE" signs appear there has been 1-2 years of preparation by Landowners & SCGOV Planning Commission.

Find out more information by calling the phone number listed on the sign.
or call 941-861-5000 Sarasota County call center
NEED INFO on Sarasota County?
Sarasota County Government call center . . . they know everything.
Call and ask your question, they will either answer it or direct you
to the correct department to find your information.
Get added to the Neighborhood Services and other SCGOV Email lists so your can be informed.
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40 — Average age

2,000 — households

5,000 — approximate number of residents

1,300 — families

60 — percentage of residents with college education
by: Jessica Salmond Staff Writer
demographics of
Fruitville 210
Read entire Article online -
— Information courtesy of
Sarasota County Neighborhood Services
F210 History
Est. 2005
The Fruitville 210 Community Alliance formed as a nonprofit corporation in February 2007 with the intention of building a greater sense of community among its residents, business owners,
and county officials.  As an organization we have  been joined by over 27 neighborhoods from the area historically known as Fruitville at the I-75 Exit 210 area.
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