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40 — Average age

2,000 — households

5,000 — approximate number of residents

1,300 — families

60 — percentage of residents with college education
by: Jessica Salmond Staff Writer
demographics of
Fruitville 210
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— Information courtesy of
Sarasota County Neighborhood Services
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Sarasota VOTES
Sarasota County to keep limits on Fruitville Park of Commerce
SARASOTA COUNTY — Government will keep its limits on what can be built at the Fruitville Park of Commerce, siding with residents looking to stave off at least some of the development coming to the area just east of Interstate 75.

The unanimous vote Wednesday by the Sarasota County Commission denied a request to lift covenant restrictions . . .
by Zack Murdodck - Published: Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 5:12 p.m
Sarasota Herald Tribune - Read the full article HERE
SIDEWALKS for Richardson Road & 17th Street!
Did you get this postcard?
The sidewalks will be located on one side of the south side of the existing road right-of-way. The sidewalks will have connections with existing sidewalks and crosswalks. Roadway lighting is also planned for this stretch of Richardson Road.
Emergency vehicles will have unrestricted access
at all times. Pedestrians and motorists should use caution while traveling through the area and expect some minor delays.
Construction Zone - Sarasota County
WORK has already begun and is scheduled to
be complete by the end of January 2017
Oct. 11th is the deadline to register or to change your political party
affiliation to be eligible to vote in the Nov. 8th General Election.
District 1 Candidates
Survey on Housing Affordability - Sarasota County
Dear Candidates,  I just wanted to add a comment to our Tuesday night's District I Candidates for County Commissioner's debate, as it reminded me of how proud I am to be an American residing in Sarasota Florida. Thank you all for your sharing your aspiring commitment to serve in this most important local public service role.
    Wishing you all the best for a great race,   Mona Baker - F210 Board Member

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Sarasota County is seeking your input  on the important issue of housing affordability for our workforce.  We want to hear your thoughts on identifying what's causing the gaps in the housing
mix between supply and demand, and your ideas for developing
and implementing creative solutions to address those gaps.
Please share your thoughts on this important community topic
by providing your input through a quick online survey.

Your valuable input will be part of an overall evaluation of existing impediments, and opportunities, and will supplement ongoing policies to increase the supply of housing within the county that
is affordable to those residents with moderate to lower incomes
(i.e. workforce housing).
Please share your thoughts and ideas by visiting
www.scgov.net/housingaffordability to take the brief survey.
For more information, call the Sarasota County Contact Center at
941-861-5000 or visit www.scgov.net.
1. Do you believe it is important for housing to
be affordable for people who work in our community?
Why or why not?

2. What type of workers
is it important to have housing for?

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