Fruitville 210 Community Alliance is a Non-Profit Corporation under the
Florida Department of State. (2/07) Established in 2005
We are in the process of organizing an inclusive alliance for the neighborhoods within
the Richardson and Fruitville Road residential corridor.  Our intent is to have voting representatives (preferably board members and key residents) from the following
27 F210 neighborhoods:


We realize that growth and development means progress and prosperity. 
But, we must do it sensibly.  No single neighborhood within the Fruitville Road community
is immune from the negative consequences of “out-of-control” development.  Each
neighborhood is important and should have a voice about what takes place in their own
backyard.  The quality of life within our community depends upon our commitment and
personal involvement on the development issues that will affect ALL of our neighborhoods.

Some crucial issues to be discussed include:
* Continued construction & development of the Honore/Cattleman Rd north/south corridors.
* The construction of sidewalks and roundabouts (to control traffic) on Richardson Road.
* The construction of the Silver Palms residential neighborhood.
* The construction of the Restoration Fellowship education building.                                        
* Massive, big box construction projects.  (i.e.  the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter   
  adjacent to the Sarasota Crossings Shopping Plaza & Lowe’s—both on Fruitville Rd)

Alliance: a bond or connection between families, parties, or individuals to further the
                common interests of the members; union by relationship in qualities.

Sarasota County Services: learn more about their >> Community Alliance
Mailing Address: Fruitville 210 Community Alliance
                             c/o Kathy Collums
                                   Sabal Palm Bank
                             5101 Fruitville Road, Suite 100
                             Sarasota, FL 34232
F210 Officers and Board Members:
Chair: Gary Heffner  - Stoeber Ave
Sec/Treasurer: Karen Heffner  - Stoeber Ave
Liaison to SCGOV: John Krotec  - Vereda Verde
Member at Large: Joey Anderson - Racimo Ranches
Member at Large: Jon Prettyman - Cedar Hollow
Member at Large: Kathy Collums - Sabal Palm Bank
Member at Large: Mona Baker - Cedar Hammock
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We are NOT: a Homeowner’s Assoc.
We are NOT: making rules for Homeowner’s
We are NOT: going to infringe on Homeowner’s rights
We are NOT: going to regulate your Neighborhood
We are NOT: going to write or start deed restrictions
The "white" horse represents the country lane feeling of West Richarson Road. that all our neighborhoods want to protect. We have a quality of life we don't want to give up.
See the pastures behind Sam's Club that
over a dozen horses & cows call their home.
Cedar Hammock   
Cedar Hollow   
Chatwick Court
Coffman Manor  
Deer Hollow
East Richardson 
Forest Creek
Fox Creek
Fruitville 210 Homepage
Hello and thank you for visiting our website. 

The Fruitville 210 Community Alliance formed as a nonprofit corporation in February 2007 with the intention of building a greater sense of community among its residents, business owners, and county officials.  As an organization we have benefited under the leadership of former Chairman John Krotec, and have been joined by 27 neighborhoods from the area historically known as Fruitville.  Over the past years we have kept an open conversation with ourneighbors and county officials, and have seen major improvements to our infrastructure including the Honore and North Cattleman corridors, as well as the Nathan Benderson Park and Rowing Facility. It is now my honor and privilege to Chair the organization and encourage ongoing and meaningful dialogue.

Alliance and Community are big words that should be defined in the context of our Organization.  Alliance is a bond or connection that furthers the common interests of its members.  Fruitville 210 has no political agenda or affiliation; it is neither pro nor anti-growth.  We are not a homeowner’s association, and we do not impinge on the autonomy of member neighborhoods.  As an alliance we seek to gather and disseminate information that will be helpful in furthering the wellbeing and quality of life in Fruitville as a whole.

Community in its purest sense is a unified body of individuals who share common interests and live in a particular area.  Fruitville and its neighborhoods are much more than a commercial outpost located next to the Interstate.  It is a place to raise families, build relationships, educate our children, worship freely, and in general live fulfilling lives.  Community cannot be built alone, but flourishes under the power of team, collaboration,
and support.  These are attributes F210 hopes to inculcate with the involvement of an active citizenry.  We invite you to join us in this effort.

Gary Heffner - Chairman, Fruitville 210 Community Alliance

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Gary Heffner,
F210 Chairman
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WELCOME to our new F210 Board member:

1st Quarter: Tuesday February 28th

2nd Quarter: Tuesday May 9th
3rd Quarter: Tuesday August 8th
4th Quarter: Tuesday October 10th
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NOTE: We are not about forming an Association to impose rules,
             regulations, controls or fines on home or property owners.