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6:30 - 7:45pm Speaker & General Meeting:
2014 MEETING: Tuesday night 6:30pm - March 11, 2014
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6:30 - 7:45pm Speaker & General Meeting:
2013 MEETINGS: Tuesday night 6:30pm - May 14th
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6:30 - 7:45pm Speaker & General Meeting:
2013 MEETINGS: Tuesday night 6:30pm - October 1st
Tell your Neighbors... Bring them along Tuesday night!
   John F. McCarthy is a native Floridian who is well known for sharing his tremendous knowledge of local history.  John
teased our Fruitville 210 group last year in an impromptu
review of some of Fruitville's historical high-lights.  We have invited John back to give him time to share much more about
our Fruitville Community. 
Guest Speaker: John McCarthy
Magazine Articles online:
Lost World - Sarasota Magazine
Sarasota History Alive!
John's World - Your Observer 2012
Historical Stories of Fruitville and
Sarasota's early days . . .
John recently retired after over 32 years of service to
Sarasota County Government, including work in the
Natural Resources Department, serving as County
Historian, and the General Manager of the Parks and
Recreation Department during a decade of rapid growth
of our community's recreational resources. John is an accomplished writer and his work has appeared in Sarasota Magazine and other publications.  His articles are crafted to inspire an appreciation and enjoyment of the tremendous
natural and historical resources of the Sarasota area.
6:30 - 7:45pm Speaker & General Meeting:
2014 MEETING: Tuesday night 6:30pm - May 13, 2014
“Where the Money Goes
– A Voters Guide to Understanding the County Budget”
Guest Speaker: Paula Wiggins, P.E., MBA
Transportation Planning - Sarasota County
Bring your F210 Neighbor to this F210 Meeting!!
~ TRAFFIC and ROAD Construction
~ Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
~ Question / Answer at 7:30pm
Information on current and future road construction in the F210 area.
SUBJECT: You have probably noticed the increasing attention being paid in our local media to cash flow and funding in our county. In response to this F210 is presenting . . .
SPEAKERS: Kim Radke and Shannon Lafon - Sarasota County Finance Dept.
There will be a time of questions and answers after their presentation.
Write down your QUESTIONS, be clear & concise... as our time is limited.
OLD NEWS - Archives:

>Plan to attend (big note on the Frig!)
>Bring a Neighbor with you (invite them, pick them up)
>Write down your questions ahead of time for the Speaker

Meetings are open to all "residents" of our F210 Neighborhoods

NOTE: Any Non-Resident wanting to address our Alliance needs to contact us to be on the Agenda. We will not be able to accommodate you the night of the scheduled meeting.

Please be prompt Speakers start at 6:30pm
LOCATION for Meetings:
Sabal Palm Bank website
Sabal Palm
Sabal Palm Bank  at 5101 Fruitville Road  Google Map
6:30 - 8:30pm
Speaker &
General Meeting
August 23, 2016  -  MEET the CANDIDATES
. . . to be announced
Sarasota VOTES
- Open to the Public -
Sarasota County Government will give updates on our area. 
Guest Speakers from:
~ Sarasota County Transportation and Mobility
~ Sarasota County Neighborhood Services.
Candiates for:
Sarasota County Commissioner
District 1 your F210 Neighborhood
May 3, 2016 General MEETING -
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“Although the presidential race is the only one being talked about, the most important
political decisions we make this year, will be the local ones. The only thing to mitigate
the chaos created by an ever-encroaching federal government convinced of its own indispensability is a stronger local, civil society.”
                                                                                                                        John Stonestreet  - author
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