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The "white" horse represents the country lane feeling of West Richarson Road. that all our neighborhoods want to protect. We have a quality of life we don't want to give up. See the pastures behind Sam's Club that over a dozen horses & cows call their home.
Treasure Hunt - As a resident in this corner of Sarasota . . . maybe you & your family should go on a tresure hunt. That's right, we have "treasures" undiscovered right around us.
Have you read the Historical Marker at Fruitville School?  Well you should stop your car, get
out & read it. Or how about at Friendship Baptist Church – 5700 Palmer Blvd.?

Do you know where this gate is? Residents of Deer Hollow drive
by it everyday when using their 17th Street entrance.  Go see it!

We do actually live in "Fruitville, FL" & Fruitville Veterinary Clinic
at 719 Honore Ave (south of the school) was the old Post Office.

Historical Markers inside F210: Fruitville Elementary School, 601 Honore Ave., Sarasota, 1991

Have you been to The History Center 6062 Porter Way, off Packing House Rd? - Click HERE
Have you eaten at JR's Old Packing House Cafe? You're missing the real Sarasota then!

Do you have other local trivia for our F210 neighborhood?
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Postal Mart
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Living Word
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@ 5373 Fruitville Rd
  F210 info center
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Classes & Events
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"Give Your Neighbor the Business"
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Sarasota Historical Center:
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THANKS for asking . . . Who was Honore? ( Honoré is the correct spelling)
Bertha Honoré Palmer named the avenue after her first born son Honoré Palmer (1874).
Learn more by visiting  "THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF SARASOTA COUNTY" - website HERE
Read their monthly Newsletter to get more amazing facts: SARASOTA – Native tribes claimed this land. Explorers sailed the bays. Through the years of Seminole Indian Wars, the coming of the hardy pioneers
who fished the waters and cultivated the land, the Crackers who herded the cattle, and the visionaries who built a city unique in its diversity, Sarasota remains a home to be desired; a place of proud heritage.
WHO was
Sarasota History ALIVE!
Salute to Veterans
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“Food Swaps” happen very naturally in a variety of small communities. Bartering or trading homemade foods or goods with neighbors is an ancient tradition. Our neighborhood has a rich history of food-sharing, so we pulled together our first ever Food Swap and it was so successful that we are hosting others!

Food and Craft Swaps are informal events in which folks can come or go as they please, much like a neighborhood garage sale (without the money, that is!).  So how does a food and craft swap work? Are there any rules? The only rule to a good food swap is to bring things that are either homegrown or homemade. This can be anything from fruit picked from a citrus tree, eggs from backyard hens, homemade jams, cookies and breads to craft items such as knitted scarves or hats. You might be surprised at how much you can trade for, especially if
you prepare your items in small batches. By the same token, you can opt not to trade anything at all if there isn't anything offered that you are interested in: there is no obligation to swap.
Fruitville Neighborhood Food & Craft SWAP